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Your First Visit

During your first visit to Advanced Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation, providing physical therapy in Merced, CA, you can expect a thorough assessment that will include:

  • Posture and gait analysis
  • Strength assessment
  • Range of motion assessment
  • Interview to assess pathology

Wear comfortable clothing that allows for easy movement and access to the injured area of your body.

Please bring with you:

  • A list of any diagnostic testing that has already been conducted
  • A list of any prescribed medications you are taking or over-the-counter medications you take regularly
  • Your patient forms printed off this website (see FORMS below) and completed
  • Any copies of x-rays, MRIs or nerve conduction study that you have received from your other health care providers

After we have completed your assessment, we will prepare a detailed report for your insurance providers or physician that includes a description of our recommended treatment plan. As your condition progresses through therapy, your treatment plan will evolve.

You should also expect to receive your first physical therapy session during your first visit.



We accept most major insurance providers as well as Medicare and Workers’ Compensation.

Insurances accepted include:

  • Anthem Blue Cross
  • Blue Shield of California
  • Allcare
  • Health Net
  • Veterans Choice

If you have questions about what is included in your coverage plan, please contact our office at 209-723-0807.



Please print and fill out the following patient forms and bring them with you for your first visit to Advanced Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation.

Patient Information

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